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Give your brand a unique identity. Authentic, appealing and consistent.

Develop a clear identity and strong presence for your brand with us. Because a professional brand strategy pays off in the long term.

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Exactly what you need: LAUDO brand workshops in Kreuzberg

New brand development

Our branding workshops support you in developing your brand. If your company is currently launching a new brand or entering a new market, we will work with you to develop a suitable brand strategy.

Rebranding & Strategic realignment

LAUDO's expertise ensures that your brand can keep pace with changes in corporate strategy. In the strategic rebranding process, we work out a new direction for your brand.

Improved clarity of the brand identity

If there are disagreements about brand identity within your company, our branding workshops can help to create a common understanding and shared vision.

Strengthening customer loyalty

After professional brand building, your customers will develop a stronger emotional bond with your brand. Use the brand workshop to revise the values and messages of your brand with regard to the target group.

Branding workshops that make a difference

Our branding workshops offer professional strategies and customized branding solutions. With our focus on first-class prototyping & design, we help you optimize your online presence and build a positive image. Our customers are like their brand: extremely demanding.


Berlin's top-rated branding workshops

Alexa Le

Kudos to the design agency LAUDO in Berlin! A highly motivated team has been with us for over 8 months and we hope for a long cooperation. We are convinced by the relaxed communication at eye level, the innovative ideas through to implementation and the clear design. If you are looking for a first-class design…

Victoria Mueller

Working with Laudo was very good. Laudo works extremely professionally and was always well prepared, the working atmosphere was constructive and very pleasant. The design suggestions for the website and the logo were great and the website turned out great. I would definitely recommend Laudo.

Nick Haseloff

LAUDO convinced us from the very first moment! The exchange of our ideas always took place on a very pleasant professional level. As a medium-sized craft company, we face a large number of competitors on the market. Claudius and his team managed to work out our values ​​and our specialty and to present them in…

Christian Landenberger

The cooperation with LAUDO was very satisfactory. The coordination of the project ran smoothly and quickly. The communication was pleasant and we are very satisfied with the result. Thank you, highly recommended.

Maximilian Klinger

With the design agency LAUDO we have found a strong partner in the field of WordPress. A very competent team that understood our requirements from the very first minute.

Carsten Schmidt

We have worked with Laudo for our website and have had very good experiences. The work was carried out within the requested time frame and there was a lot of transparent communication. We can recommend LAUDO as a company and will continue to work with you in the future.

Jacob Harz

LAUDO convinced us right from the start with the combination of brand strategy, web design and deep understanding of platform economy. It is the right mixture of strategy, conception and technical know-how that is crucial for a long-term cooperation. And it is the honest interest in us and our problems that distinguishes LAUDO from other…

Christian Hendriksen

LAUDO has been a great partner for our business over the past years, always very responsive and engaged. Output is always top quality.

Alex Romanenko

There’s one thing that separates ordinary agencies from really good ones: the team’s willingness to do a little more for the client or partner than you expected. Is it important? Maybe not for everyone, but for us it was the deciding factor in choosing a partner. We regularly collaborate with guys, share experiences and launch…

Branding Workshops Berlin

Discuss your next branding project with us

We will advise you without obligation. Get to know our team of experts and discuss your current challenges with us.

Empower your brand's potential


Do you know the goals of your company?

Every successful brand starts with a clear objective. In our branding workshops, we recognize your various challenges: Web design, SEO, Google ranking, CRM, user experience, functionality or image. We identify the individual project goals and bring your brand to success step by step.

Brand Identity

Unique corporate design

Branding workshops ensure that the identity of your brand is not lost in day-to-day business. Our team creates strong brands - because brands with high recognizability and a unique profile are able to create an emotional bond with customers. This in turn leads to greater customer retention and loyalty.


Creating brands - with relevance & benefit

Freedom in the pricing structure

Strong brands with recognition value have the opportunity to charge higher prices for their products and services. Because strong brands activate positive memories for customers. As a result, consumers trust them more and are willing to pay more for the quality, experience and values of the brand than for competing products.

When branding workshops pay off

Competitive advantages and differentiation

Last but not least, carefully conducted brand workshops enable your brand to differentiate itself better from the competition. By standing for specific values, quality and positive experiences, your brand is unique for customers and makes the purchase decision easier. The emotional bond is created through clear brand values, storytelling & visual identity.


Establishing brands with a clear focus

Trust and credibility

Our brand workshops support you in building an established brand. Our design agency LAUDO creates an authentic profile for your brand that generates trust and credibility among your customers. Authenticity is crucial to gaining people's trust.

Is your brand not growing in proportion to your company?

In day-to-day business, the brand strategy often does not grow as quickly as the company itself. This can make the brand stand out less from the competition, reduce customer loyalty and lower the brand value. But there is another way: by constantly working on the brand and reacting to new developments. Continuous brand building helps to create a clear vision and supports the long-term success of your company.

Brand building: entering new markets

Brand expansion and extension

Once your brand positioning has been established, you have the opportunity to expand your presence to other products or services, as customers are more willing to try new products from an established and trusted brand than products from a stranger.


Thinking ahead: the brand positioning of tomorrow

Long-term increase in value

Resilient brands help to increase the long-term value of a company. In order to achieve a long-term increase in value, our workshop leaders take a detailed look at the brand's profile and its vision for the future in the brand workshops.

Brand workshops as a catch basin

Reputation and crisis management

Even if careful brand building brings all kinds of benefits for your brand, it cannot prevent crises. However, strong brands are often better able to cope with crises due to their stable reputation. A good brand reputation and emotional connection help to better withstand negative events.


The value of a memorable brand identity

Strong brand presence and consistent communication

The brand building workshop develops a consistent brand message that can be used in external communication. From logo to color scheme, slogans to semantics: consistent communication increases the recognition value of your brand and inspires trust among customers.

Advantages of cooperative branding workshops

Collaboration in the brand workshop

Our brand training courses, which involve various departments and members of your company, promote an understanding of the brand and values in your company. It also enables a holistic approach that takes different perspectives into account. Cooperative brand workshops not only paint a clear picture of your brand, but also promote the exchange of ideas.


The other form of talent attraction

Attracting employees and cooperations

Do you want to attract talented employees? Here too, the brand workshops run by our experienced brand and design agency pay off in the long term: Companies with an expressive brand identity are often more attractive to talent, potential business partners and collaborations.

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Clients who value collaboration at eye level

Market analysis

In the LAUDO branding workshop, your existing brand values, goals, target groups and competitive landscape are analyzed first. Together, we can develop an understanding of where your brand stands in the competitive landscape and how it can stand out from the competition.

SWOT analysis

The acronym "SWOT" stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. By analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, a clear picture of the internal and external factors that influence your brand can be obtained. This knowledge is essential for professional brand building.

persona development

It is essential to include the wishes and needs of your customers in the brand workshop in order to adapt your brand strategy to your target group. By creating personas, typical representatives of your target group are defined. LAUDO's brand workshops help you to better understand who your customers are, what they want and how the brand can best appeal to them.


Visual identity

Discussions about colors, logos, fonts and visual elements are crucial to shaping the brand's appearance. Our designers use various creative exercises (e.g. mood boards, visual collages, brainstorming or design thinking methods) to visualize their ideas and give your brand a unique profile. Recognition value and consistency in public appearance are the be-all and end-all of visual brand design.

Shaping international presence

In the brand workshop, it is crucial to define core values and a clear message that your brand wants to convey. After all, your customers should be able to identify with the brand and trust it. LAUDO works out your company's values and brand message in the branding workshop through discussions and exercises. They form the basis for consistent, authentic external communication.



Developing a brand story or a narrative identity for your brand goes one step further. In the brand workshop, our web design agency develops storytelling that reflects the values and purpose of your brand. This can be a powerful way to build customer loyalty and gives the brand identity even more personality.


Brand Positioning

Discussions about how your brand can position itself in comparison to competitors in order to be unique and relevant to the target group are essential in brand building. Brand positioning should make your brand memorable to consumers and clearly differentiate it from other brands. Our workshop team adapts the profile of your brand accordingly and works with you to develop a suitable communication strategy.