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What is a branding agency?

Branding agencies are specialized service providers that support companies in defining and visually shaping their identity.

Your key to a lasting impression

The main task of a branding agency is to create visual elements that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also reflect the brand identity.

Branding for a coherent brand presence

A branding agency ensures that all aspects of a company's visual communication work together seamlessly and that the brand is presented consistently across different platforms and media.

Designing together

Branding agencies also act as strategic partners. They bring expertise in market research, trends and design practices to ensure that the branding developed is relevant and forward-looking.

A branding agency that wins awards

Our branding agency offers professional branding and customized web design solutions. With our focus on first-class prototyping & design, we help you optimize your online presence and build a positive image. Our customers are like their brand: demanding.


Berlin's top-rated branding agency

Alexa Le

Kudos to the design agency LAUDO in Berlin! A highly motivated team has been with us for over 8 months and we hope for a long cooperation. We are convinced by the relaxed communication at eye level, the innovative ideas through to implementation and the clear design. If you are looking for a first-class design…

Victoria Mueller

Working with Laudo was very good. Laudo works extremely professionally and was always well prepared, the working atmosphere was constructive and very pleasant. The design suggestions for the website and the logo were great and the website turned out great. I would definitely recommend Laudo.

Nick Haseloff

LAUDO convinced us from the very first moment! The exchange of our ideas always took place on a very pleasant professional level. As a medium-sized craft company, we face a large number of competitors on the market. Claudius and his team managed to work out our values ​​and our specialty and to present them in…

Christian Landenberger

The cooperation with LAUDO was very satisfactory. The coordination of the project ran smoothly and quickly. The communication was pleasant and we are very satisfied with the result. Thank you, highly recommended.

Maximilian Klinger

With the design agency LAUDO we have found a strong partner in the field of WordPress. A very competent team that understood our requirements from the very first minute.

Carsten Schmidt

We have worked with Laudo for our website and have had very good experiences. The work was carried out within the requested time frame and there was a lot of transparent communication. We can recommend LAUDO as a company and will continue to work with you in the future.

Jacob Harz

LAUDO convinced us right from the start with the combination of brand strategy, web design and deep understanding of platform economy. It is the right mixture of strategy, conception and technical know-how that is crucial for a long-term cooperation. And it is the honest interest in us and our problems that distinguishes LAUDO from other…

Christian Hendriksen

LAUDO has been a great partner for our business over the past years, always very responsive and engaged. Output is always top quality.

Alex Romanenko

There’s one thing that separates ordinary agencies from really good ones: the team’s willingness to do a little more for the client or partner than you expected. Is it important? Maybe not for everyone, but for us it was the deciding factor in choosing a partner. We regularly collaborate with guys, share experiences and launch…

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Targeted branding, targeted success

As a branding agency, we know what is important.
Branding plays a key role
in the successful development of your brand.

Brand Identity

Unique corporate design

Branding makes it possible to create a coherent brand identity that reflects the company's values and messages. Anchoring the fundamental values and principles of a company makes them visible to customers, employees and stakeholders.


Creative brand-building methods

Differentiation in competition

In saturated markets, branding helps the company to stand out from the competition. A clear and unique brand identity attracts customers and can make it easier to decide on a product or service.

Long-term commitment

Building trust - at all levels

Consistent brand experiences, whether online, offline or in customer service, help to promote customer loyalty. Consistent branding creates reliability and trust.


Attractiveness for talents

Agency for employer branding

Well-established branding not only makes a company attractive to customers, but also to potential employees. This attracts highly qualified talent who identify with the brand's values.

Know-How from a Branding Agency

We create brand value

Strong brands have a higher brand value, which can be reflected in a higher recognition value and possibly also in higher price structures. A strong brand creates an emotional connection with customers.


The perfect corporate design

Increase in recognizability

Well thought-out branding helps to increase recognizability, which leads to improved visibility and memorability.

Do you know the goals of your brand?

Every successful branding begins with a clear objective. As a branding agency, we recognize your various challenges: Web design, SEO, Google ranking, CRM, user experience, functionality or image. We identify the individual project goals and develop user-centered branding for your brand.

LAUDO Branding Agency

Innovative digital branding

Digital branding allows you to create interactive and engaging customer experiences. This includes social media campaigns, live streams, webinars and other forms of customer engagement that enable a deeper connection to the brand.


Success with branding

Long-term corporate management

Branding is a long-term investment in the management of your company. It helps to develop a clear vision and align the company towards a sustainable and successful future.

Brand strategies: The brand design

Marketing with success

Branding forms the basis for successful marketing strategies. Clearly defined brand messages facilitate the development of coherent and effective marketing campaigns. Branding also makes it easier to measure marketing success.


On the safe side

Risk management in times of crisis

A well-thought-out and established brand plays a crucial role in corporate risk management, especially in times of uncertainty and crisis. Well-established branding can serve as a protective shield in times of crisis.

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Clients who value collaboration at eye level

Unmistakable right from the start

Being unmistakable right from the start is particularly important for start-ups. The clear objective is to build a strong brand from the outset in order to establish a positive perception among the target group. Careful planning and creative implementation not only lay the foundations for short-term success, but also for long-term relevance and competitiveness.

Branding initiatives should be based on a deep understanding of the target group from the outset. A thorough analysis of the needs, preferences and behaviors of potential customers makes it possible to develop a brand that is not only appealing, but also offers real added value.

Careful planning also includes defining clear brand values that guide the company. These values should not only be communicated internally, but also externally in order to create a coherent brand identity. Creativity plays a decisive role in standing out from the competition and achieving a unique, unmistakable positioning.

This strategic approach not only raises awareness of the brand, but also builds trust. A solid start lays the foundation for long-term customer loyalty and supports the growth of the brand over time.

Branding with impact

Effective branding plays a central role in the introduction of new products or services. The focus is on arousing interest and establishing a clear positioning in the market. A well thought-out brand strategy in brand design not only generates attention, but also enables successful anchoring in the competitive environment.

During the product or service launch, it is essential to convey a convincing message that emphasizes the unique selling points. This requires a deep understanding of the target group and the dynamics of the market. Effective branding ensures that communication is not only appealing, but also relevant in order to arouse the interest of potential customers.

With the help of a branding agency, you can create a consistent visual image. This also plays a decisive role by visually underlining the brand identity. Strategic branding not only positions the product or service itself, but also successfully establishes the entire brand in the market. This helps to achieve a lasting effect that promotes brand loyalty in the long term and strengthens the company's prospects of success.

Rebranding with care

In changing times, it is crucial that brands can react flexibly to changes. Rebranding or a redesign of the brand makes it possible to adapt to new market conditions, changing customer requirements or newly defined corporate values.

Through targeted adjustments, whether in the form of changes to the logo, visual elements or brand communication, the brand not only remains contemporary, but can also strengthen its relevance for the target group. However, the process of rebranding requires careful planning to ensure that the changes reflect the corporate culture and have the intended effect on the target group.

Rebranding not only offers the opportunity to modernize the brand, but also opens up the chance to reposition itself and take innovative paths. It is important to strike a balance here in order to preserve existing brand loyalty and at the same time create room for progress. A strategically well thought-out rebranding can therefore help to align the brand with the future and strengthen its competitiveness.


Lasting relevance: The art of continuous brand management

Established brands must continuously develop and adapt to the changing needs and expectations of their target group. This ongoing process is essential to maintain the relevance and attractiveness of the brand.

Continuous brand management involves not only the adaptation of products and services, but also constant communication and interaction with the target group. A strategic approach is of great importance here. By setting clear goals, regularly analyzing market trends and implementing innovative approaches in a targeted manner, the brand ensures its long-term impact.

Shaping international presence

Creating an international presence is an essential step for brands that want to be successful globally. Internationalization goes beyond simple translations and requires a profound adaptation to cultural sensitivities. Successful branding ensures that the brand is not only relevant locally, but also globally.

Adapting to cultural differences is crucial to avoid misunderstandings and establish an authentic connection with different target groups. This includes taking cultural traditions, values and preferences into account. By integrating these elements into the brand communication and strategy, the brand not only strengthens its local acceptance, but also consolidates its global brand positioning.

Another important aspect of establishing an international presence is the ability to react flexibly to different market conditions. Local adaptations in product offerings, marketing strategies and sales channels can be decisive for success in different countries. At the same time, however, the consistent brand identity and message of the brand should be maintained in order to ensure a strong and uniform global presence.

Overall, designing an international presence requires a deep understanding of the diversity of cultures and markets that the brand serves. This sensitivity and flexibility allows your brand to maximize its reach while maintaining its authenticity and relevance worldwide.


Clear communication: brand values and messages

Clear communication is crucial in branding, especially when it comes to building a strong connection with your target audience. The clear communication of brand values and messages is at the heart of this process.

Clear messages not only attract the attention of potential customers, but also create an emotional bond that goes beyond the pure transactional aspect.


With all senses: Designing brand experiences and promoting customer loyalty

Consistent and positive interactions create memorable brand experiences. Creating emotions and positive experiences sustainably promotes customer loyalty. The aim is to increase the brand's visibility and raise its profile on the market. Targeted brand experiences sustainably strengthen reach and influence.