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It is crucial to stand out from the crowd and establish a clear identity. Your corporate identity is not only the face of your company, but also the key to customer loyalty, employee motivation and long-term success.

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What does corporate identity mean?

What is a corporate identity?

It represents the entire self-image of a company. This identity extends to visual elements such as logos and designs - but goes far beyond that.

Your uniqueness

Corporate identity helps to communicate the uniqueness of a company - through visual elements, clear messages and a uniform corporate culture.

The importance for brand perception

A well-conceived and coherent brand identity strengthens trust in the brand, promotes employee identification with the company and contributes to the formation of positive impressions.

The corporate identity is not a static concept

The active maintenance and regular review of the brand identity ensures that it always reflects the current direction and vision of the company.

Corporate identities, that win awards

Our web design agency offers professional branding and customized corporate identities. With our focus on first-class prototyping & design, we help you optimize your online presence and build a positive image. Our customers are like their identity: demanding.


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Alexa Le

Kudos to the design agency LAUDO in Berlin! A highly motivated team has been with us for over 8 months and we hope for a long cooperation. We are convinced by the relaxed communication at eye level, the innovative ideas through to implementation and the clear design. If you are looking for a first-class design…

Victoria Mueller

Working with Laudo was very good. Laudo works extremely professionally and was always well prepared, the working atmosphere was constructive and very pleasant. The design suggestions for the website and the logo were great and the website turned out great. I would definitely recommend Laudo.

Nick Haseloff

LAUDO convinced us from the very first moment! The exchange of our ideas always took place on a very pleasant professional level. As a medium-sized craft company, we face a large number of competitors on the market. Claudius and his team managed to work out our values ​​and our specialty and to present them in…

Christian Landenberger

The cooperation with LAUDO was very satisfactory. The coordination of the project ran smoothly and quickly. The communication was pleasant and we are very satisfied with the result. Thank you, highly recommended.

Maximilian Klinger

With the design agency LAUDO we have found a strong partner in the field of WordPress. A very competent team that understood our requirements from the very first minute.

Carsten Schmidt

We have worked with Laudo for our website and have had very good experiences. The work was carried out within the requested time frame and there was a lot of transparent communication. We can recommend LAUDO as a company and will continue to work with you in the future.

Jacob Harz

LAUDO convinced us right from the start with the combination of brand strategy, web design and deep understanding of platform economy. It is the right mixture of strategy, conception and technical know-how that is crucial for a long-term cooperation. And it is the honest interest in us and our problems that distinguishes LAUDO from other…

Christian Hendriksen

LAUDO has been a great partner for our business over the past years, always very responsive and engaged. Output is always top quality.

Alex Romanenko

There’s one thing that separates ordinary agencies from really good ones: the team’s willingness to do a little more for the client or partner than you expected. Is it important? Maybe not for everyone, but for us it was the deciding factor in choosing a partner. We regularly collaborate with guys, share experiences and launch…

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What is part of corporate identity?

The corporate identity represents the heart and soul of a company, its values, its culture and the impression it leaves on the world. The following aspects play a particularly important role in CI marketing: corporate design, corporate culture, corporate behavior, brand positioning and brand experience.

Shaping the brand identity

What is a corporate design?

Corporate design includes the visual elements that represent the company, such as the logo, the color palette, the fonts and the general design of communication materials. The consistency in these visual elements not only creates recognition, but also shapes the aesthetic face of the company.


Successful CI marketing

Why do you need a corporate design?

A well thought-out corporate design not only conveys professionalism, but also the values and personality of a brand. In a competitive business world, a strong corporate design serves as an instrument of differentiation. The corporate design becomes a strategic element in the competitive environment!

Common values and standards

What does Corporate Culture mean?

The corporate culture encompasses the values, norms and behaviors that exist within the organization. These form the social fabric that connects employees and shapes a company's self-image. The focus is on ensuring that the corporate culture creates a common understanding of how things should be done.


Attractiveness as an employer

Why do you need a corporate culture?

A positive corporate culture makes your company attractive to potential employees. At a time when corporate culture is playing an increasingly important role in job selection, a strong corporate culture can help attract and retain talented professionals.

Key elements of the corporate identity

From design to brand experience: to be successful with your company, it is important to understand the individual components of corporate identity.

Ethics and integrity

What is corporate behaviour?

Corporate Behaviour refers to the actions, decisions and behaviours that are manifest within the organization. It shapes how the company interacts, both internally and externally. Corporate behavior is also closely linked to a company's ethical standards and integrity.


Building trust & reputation

Why do you need a defined corporate behaviour?

The company's behavior towards customers has a direct impact on the company's success. A customer-oriented corporate behavior that shows respect and commitment promotes customer loyalty and contributes to positive business results.

Positioning the brand

The art of strategic placement

The definition of unique selling points and the clear communication of why the company is unique contribute to the creation of a strong corporate identity. These are unique characteristics or advantages that distinguish the company from others and are anchored in the minds of customers.


Create positive experiences

What use do brand promises and brand experiences have?

If a company delivers what it promises, this will lead to long-term customer loyalty. Customers who have a positive experience are more likely to remain loyal to the brand. Recommendations from satisfied customers are invaluable for the success of a brand. The brand experience is becoming a central element for sustainable customer relationships.

Living the brand

What are brand promises and brand experiences?

A brand experience refers to the overall experiences and interactions that a consumer has with a brand. It encompasses all contact points, be it through products, services, advertising, online presence, customer service or physical locations.


Clear advantage

Strong brand positioning = strong brand

Strong brand positioning is a key competitive advantage. It helps to attract customers who appreciate the brand's values and characteristics. This not only facilitates customer acquisition, but also strengthens long-term loyalty to the brand.

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Corporate identity: Strategic corporate management

Corporate identity is a key concept in strategic corporate management and has a significant influence on the perception and positioning of a company in the public eye.

It comprises all the visual, verbal and symbolic elements that define the corporate identity and convey it to the outside world. The successful design and implementation of the brand identity is of decisive importance for long-term success and sustainable customer loyalty.

Adaptability is important

A well thought-out corporate identity offers flexibility for adapting to changing market conditions and customer needs. The core identity of the company is retained, while adjustments can be made to remain relevant and up-to-date.

Efficient communication

In addition, the corporate identity strategy facilitates coherent and effective external and internal communication by defining design guidelines, language style and other communication parameters.


Positive corporate culture

The corporate identity strategy helps to promote a positive corporate culture by communicating clear values, visions and goals. This in turn can strengthen employee motivation and loyalty.

Credibility & trust

The brand identity also serves to build trust and credibility with customers, business partners and other stakeholders. A professional and well thought-out appearance conveys seriousness and quality.


Partnerships & joint ventures

Partnerships and joint ventures are of strategic importance, and corporate identity plays a key role in this. When forming such collaborations, it is crucial to emphasize the shared values and goals of the companies involved.

The corporate identity serves as a link to create a coherent identity for the joint company. A uniform presentation not only emphasizes the individual strengths of the partner companies, but also promotes harmonious cooperation.

This helps to create trust, communicate a clear shared vision and facilitate the integration of the partners into the overall picture of the joint venture. A well-coordinated brand identity in partnerships and joint ventures strengthens cooperation and enables the effective implementation of common strategic goals.


International brand management

International brand management represents a special challenge that is closely linked to corporate identity. In globally active companies, the consistent presentation of brand identity across different countries and cultures plays a central role. The brand identity must be designed in such a way that it conveys a uniform image of the company worldwide while taking local characteristics into account.

This often requires adjustments in terms of cultural differences, linguistic nuances and regional preferences. Successful international brand management ensures that the brand is perceived positively in different markets and conveys a consistent message that reflects the company's global values and goals.