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Yes, we live a life full of stereotypes. The origin of Döner, Köfte, Burgermeister lies in the heart of Kreuzberg - as well as our office.

Remote Work
Anyone in our team can work remotely and our infrastructure is designed with this in mind.

Flexible working hours
We believe in individuality. If you have your focus zone in the morning, perfect. If not, no problem, we respect your inner clock.

Flexible vacation
Plan your next vacation without complicated processes and just coordinate with your team.

Advanced education
Plan your next training, conference or workshop, we'll cover the cost.

Business coachings
Book free business coaching sessions with our external trainers. Confidentiality guaranteed.

4-day week
We have introduced the 4-day week at our company and every 2nd Friday is off for everyone. With the same amount of vacation days.

Devices & software
Become a proud owner of the latest Apple MacBook Pro. Plus, software like Adobe Cloud or Figma is available to you for free.

Language courses
We support your language skills with free language courses.

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With LAUDO on workation

Work and go on vacation? This happens once a year at LAUDO. The whole team away at the same time for a week.

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