Work and go on vacation? This happens once per year. 😎 We pick a few sunny spots, agree together on where exactly to go and then all jet off together.

The whole team away at the same time for a week.Amazing for our teamspirit.


Our Workation concept in 2023: One week in the villa in Pollença in Mallorca. Joint “remote office” between palm trees, finca and the blue, salty sea connects!

The concept

Each member of the team is free to choose where he or she comes from, for how long and when.

Some stay longer, others come over earlier and hang out privately Remote Working – of course, it’s best when everyone arrives at the same time, because: Workshops, workout sessions and wine tasting do not want to be missed.

Freedom of choice

And for some, the Workation concept is nothing – and that’s perfectly fine. Everyone is allowed to see how it fits to their own life. But nobody wants to miss sun for free 🫠

How does it look like?

🌴 We currently need space for 10-15 people without stepping on our toes – with a large garden and shaded terrace and enough indoor and outdoor work spaces
🌴 Lots of single beds in lots of nice big rooms – because there are snorers and wild sleepers and early risers and late sleepers
🌴 The journey is not too complicated and easy to reach by train or plane And we compensate our ecological footprint
🌴 We have direct beach proximity, muuuuuuch sunshine and leisure activities in the nature
🌴 Joint cooking sessions, workshops, excursions, work-outs and restaurant visits



Where should we go next time? What would you dream of? Join us!