Home office, remote work, workation

Working in a place other than our office has always been part of our culture. Anyone on our team can work remotely. Our infrastructure is designed to help you “work from somewhere else” without the familiar stumbling blocks in the way.

Workplace at the wooden table in front of the window

Although we allow everyone to work from different locations, we still want our employees to come into the office. Physical meetings, after-work drinks, or even team events keep our team intact.

In addition, there are various models for how our team works together across sites.

Home office

The majority of our team often works from home. This allows for more focused and sometimes solo tasks with a different schedule than in the office. This is especially helpful for our team members:inside who have children at home.

Remote work

Not everyone in our team lives in Berlin. While this heartland city is clearly one of the best cities in the world, it’s also okay to live elsewhere and work from there. All this can be discussed individually.


Sometimes even Berlin gets too small and it’s time to work under palm trees. Working from South Africa or the Canary Islands during the Berlin winter? It’s easy to do – we all do it sometimes. And as a team, we also want to work in sunny places and spend time together – that’s why one team workation a year is on our calendar.

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