Working hours

We believe in the concept of flexible work. But flexible working hours and teamwork are not always easy. We have tried all kinds of models in the past and developed a concept that works for all of us.

9-to-5 or 10-to-4 🤔

It is obvious that people do not function the same way. Some like the quiet in the morning, others turn up the heat in the evening.

Therefore, our core working hours are from 10am to 4pm. Core work hours allow the team to communicate with each other, but also respect everyone’s personal preferences.

Stand-up to start into the week

Our weekly stand-up starts every Monday at 10am and lasts a maximum of 15 minutes. The purpose of the meeting is to share a quick overview to talk about the workload of the last week and the upcoming week. Like any other meeting, you can attend digitally or physically.