Let’s be honest – benefits are important to all of us and also a decision for or against a company or an agency. Everyone in our team has a say in the benefits. And voilà, here are our LAUDO Benefits:


We have introduced the 4-day week at our company. Every 2nd Friday is therefore off for everyone. In addition to the 4-day week, you get 27 vacation days.

Business Coaching

How do you lead a team? How to become a strong project manager? How can you improve your communication skills and gain more confidence? How do you become proud of what you do? Get free business coaching with our external mentors. Confidentiality agreement guaranteed.

Language courses

Our main working languages are English and German. Profound language skills in one or the other language are necessary. By the way, we support the development of language skills with free language courses.

Tools and software

Nothing is better than a powerful work tool that won’t let you down no matter what. The latest Apple MacBook Pro is all yours. You will also be provided with the best software that supports your daily (working) life.

Apple products on an office desk

Our tools are the finest

Advanced education

Becoming an expert is one of our core values. Knowledge flows naturally into your daily life. We support you in accelerating this process. Plan your next educational trip, conference or workshop and we’ll take care of the costs.

Flexible vacation

Planning your next trip is as easy as texting your team on Slack. No complicated processes, no limit on duration, and of course, no work during your vacation. Just let me know and then Project Urli can start right away.

Flexible working hours

We believe in the concept of the individual. If you’re focused in the morning, great. If not, don’t stress about it! We respect your personal schedule. Get to know our working hours.

Remote work

Working remotely (and especially sun!) has always been part of our culture, we don’t need a pandemic for that. Our infrastructure is designed so that you can work from wherever it suits you without any obstacles.


Work and go on vacation? Sounds great? Let’s go! Once per year we all go, drive, cycle, fly – into the sun, snow, mountains to enjoy some time with each other, get to know the whole team better and of course also work closely together.

Flatrate for your drinks

Literally every company has a beverage flat rate. When you get thirsty in our office, you can help yourself to our portafilter coffee machine, sip a tea, dive into the world of Club Mate, or sip a beer. Want to heat up your food prep or cook something together? We like to prepare food and snack together.


Yes, we think we are a bit of a Kreuzberg cliché. But it’s also quite lovely, isn’t it? In the heart of Kreuzberg lies the origin of Döner, Köfte, Burgermeister – and our office. There’s a bunch of industrial loft charm from the 1895s in our Elisabeth Höfe buildings. We are proud of our second home.