LAUDO’s design team focuses on creating innovative, unique projects in a clean and timeless style. The motto “More is less” is lived here. Our designers create ideas that demonstrate modernity, simplicity and innovation.


The development team focuses on websites and web apps with a holistic approach. From the creation to the final products and results. Our developers are involved in the technical discussions and share their know-how internally and externally.

Project management

The project management team is responsible for planning and monitoring projects within the agency. And thus involved from the initial idea to completion. Our project managers coordinate the teams and processes of projects. Always according to the mindset “A happy customer is a loyal customer”.

Social Media

All social media channels are managed by our Brand & Content Creative Mona. LAUDO is active on Instagram and LinkedIn. In some cases, we also manage the social media accounts of our clients.


The content team is responsible for writing texts for various projects. Some projects involve writing monthly articles for optimal search engine optimization results. Other projects involve writing the text for a website project, often in close exchange with client feedback.


The accounting team is the backbone of administrative issues. If you have questions about invoices, quotations, vouchers or annual financial statements, our Accounting department is the right place for you. The team works hand in hand with our project managers.

Self-employed & external partners

In addition to our permanent teams, we have been working with our favorite external freelancers for years. The cooperation is usually project-related and helps us to achieve the best possible results for our customers.