Application process

We are always looking for two core competencies that every talent should inherently bring to the table, regardless of the job description:

  1. Being exceptionally good at what you do
  2. Be ambitious and want to develop further

We have our requirements, but you also have yours. That’s why our application process is designed for an open, two-way exchange of questions, answers and feedback.

Workplace in a digital agency

Workplace with everything your heart desires

After your successful initial application, 5 rounds will come your way:

1. Screening of the application

We screen your application and review your skills and experience. We pay special attention to your portfolio or work experience. Even if you’re not a perfect fit on paper, we welcome enthusiastic applications and people who want to work and grow with us.

By the way: If you like to get involved and put ideas into practice, you should now apply at LAUDO. We especially want to motivate BIPoC, LGBTQ+, non-binary people and parents to apply. Everyone is welcome!

2. First Interview (Soft Skills)

The first interview is all about you: in a 30-minute video call, you will have the opportunity to ask one of our team members any questions you have about the agency, the work environment, and contractual issues such as salary expectations and start date.

We want to get to know you and your personality. If the fundamentals are right for both sides, you will be invited to interview with the appropriate team.

3. Second Interview (Hard Skills)

The second round is all about your expertise. In a 30-minute video call, you can ask our teamlead of the respective team all kinds of questions about work structures, tasks, customers and projects.

Of course, we will also ask you about your work experience and previous knowledge. We also want to know what you want from a new job – what’s especially important to you. If everything is right here, we will invite you to the case study.

4. Challenge

We will prepare a small case study challenge for you to solve within a certain time frame. The goal is to present your findings in a presentation with our team. We pay special attention to your ability to deal with problems and find solutions.

After the presentation you will have the chance to get to know our team in a relaxed atmosphere.

5. It’s a match

As a final step in our application process, we will schedule a 30-minute video call with you to provide detailed feedback on your presentation. If everything went smoothly, this is the moment we offer you the job.