Feedback culture

We believe in the power of quality feedback to grow in expertise, focus as well as career. Therefore, we’ve been setting up a three month cycle of personal reviews, either about performance and target goals or about the output that you’ve created.

Both types of reviews are open, honest and mutual conversations focusing on evolving but also flagging issues in the early stage. A little humor and laughter should never go amiss here.


Peer-Reviews take place between people from the same team. For example, if you are a designer, you will get feedback from designers. This will help you better understand where others see your greatest skills and where you could still grow. The meetings are held every 6 months.


Performance-Reviews take place between you and your manager. The reviews are designed to provide feedback on your work and interpersonal skills. Goal setting helps you see the big picture of your career and measure your progress over time. But of course, this is all discussed and determined together. No one should feel overwhelmed here, but challenged.