Slack is our most important communication tool. It enables a quick exchange between our teams and our customers. To automate repetitive communication tasks, we installed all kinds of bots, third-party services, and workflows. The bots help us with status updates in projects or remind us of upcoming tasks.


We use Asana to manage all our projects – from sprint boards to roadmaps – so we never miss a deadline again. Inviting customers to our Asana boards increases transparency about the current status of a project while allowing us to organize tickets in the best possible way.


Whatever you want – pretty sure we have it: Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive – we use the whole suite in our daily lives and can work on the same stuff at the same time.


Time tracking is an essential part of our work. Our customers rely on transparent invoicing with time reports. Clockify is our favorite tool for doing just that: tracking the tasks you’ve worked on during a day.


Notion is our tool of choice when it comes to documentation. In our work area, we document work processes and collect all the knowledge we achieve over time.