Vision, mission, values

Mission and Vision

Until 2022 our mission was: Get shit done. The motto still fits us well today and is one of our core values. But for our mission, that was no longer sufficient. We have set ourselves ambitious goals with a clear direction of travel.

Our mission is to relentlessly deliver the highest quality results and work collaboratively with our clients in the best possible way. In this way, our mission continually pays dividends to LAUDO’s vision: Our goal is to create iconic brand experiences providing the foundation of our clients’ success.

Our values

We sat down together, let everyone have their say, and came up with these core values that every employee at LAUDO embodies. We like it without a lot of hoopla – so here’s the short form about our values aka our identity and the purpose of LAUDO:


We live and love “Yes Culture” – but don’t hesitate to say an honest no when needed. We respectfully question decisions, sometimes disagree, and engage each other.

New ideas

We are progressive and never stop evolving – we love and live modern ideas and are always tweaking the way we approach tasks and implement projects. Let’s always find ways to simplify processes.


We take time for each other That means we help each other out even when time seems tight.


Be open, transparent and don’t be scared sharing your honest opinion. Feedback is important for a healthy team spirit and a good working atmosphere.

Knowledge management

We share your knowledge – with anyone who can profit. We want to grow with our knowledge base and ensure that everyone on the team feels empowered to learn and share their knowledge.

We love details

Every detail matters for us (but we do not get caught up in them) – and still love minimalism.