Life as developer

Our development team is highly motivated and adventurous to take on any coding challenge. Our goal is to create digital experiences that are among the best in the industry and to expand our horizons with each new project.

We have a preference for cleanly written code that focuses on its main functionality and works perfectly for our customers. And if we have the opportunity to add a little more sparkle, of course we do.

Most importantly, we developers at LAUDO take the word “team” seriously: working towards a common goal and supporting each other when in doubt is part of our core values.

It is important for us to be able to talk openly about the most obvious questions. Even with small problems and even with decades of experience, there is always an opportunity to grow and learn.

Tools our developers use

We’re always open to breaking new ground and trying out fancy new tools. However, at the moment we are mainly focusing on WordPress websites in combination with our own Starter Theme.

We create custom Gutenberg blocks in combination with Advanced Custom Fields and with the support of proven plugins like Yoast SEO, WPML and Gravity Forms or libraries like SwiperJS. We also continuously develop our own framework, which serves as the basis for most projects.

As a web server, we rely on Digital Ocean or Kinsta. We are proud of our self-developed monitoring and backup system, which alerts us when something goes wrong.

As a code editor, we mostly rely on VS Code. Each developer can decide for himself or herself what he or she feels comfortable with.

Team structure

For each project, we have a team of at least two developers, one of whom is usually the lead, while the other team member provides support and code reviews.


We use GitLab for version control and CI/CD pipeline. To make our code efficient, neat and easy to maintain, we rely on consistent naming of CSS classes (BEM!) or JS variables.

Tech Stacks

Our tech stack includes PHP, vanilla JS, SASS and of course good old HTML:

  • Rollup Bundler
  • Gulp produces solide Builds