Our workplace

Those who start with us have project responsibility from day one and the opportunity to contribute fully. As is probably the case in every agency, LAUDO has a number of different teams that support each other in achieving goals. Our teams are set up at eye level, because we like flat hierarchies.

Each team has a team leader to coordinate the projects and tasks in the best possible way. Nevertheless, we all work closely together on the same level. We are an open and sympathetic team with a lot of freedom to contribute.

Team working in the office together

Proven and smart processes are established from A to Z. If one of the processes no longer fits, it is reconsidered and adjusted without long rounds of voting or discussions. The goal is always to give all team members the chance to react flexibly, to be creative and to find innovative solutions faster.

We speak different languages and have many different cultural backgrounds. Seit dem ersten Tag hat sich Englisch als gängige Sprache etabliert, in der wir untereinander viel miteinander kommunizieren.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Take a look at our open positions and find out about our application process. By the way: even if no position fits you at the moment, we are always happy to receive unsolicited applications.