Daily office life

Yes we love and live Kreuzberg. Right in the heart lies the origin of Döner, Köfte, Burgermeister – and our office. In the Elisabeth Höfe we enjoy the charm of an industrial loft from 1895. We are proud of our second home.

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Hangry? Happy!

Not only do we have a great selection of Berlin’s hottest restaurants around us. Our open office kitchen (and hungry team) is waiting for you to show off your cooking skills.

Kitchen in the office

Our loft kitchen

When you get thirsty at the office, you can help yourself to our portafilter coffee machine, sip a cup of tea, dive into the world of Club Mate, or sip a beer.

Kitchen & Co

In addition to the kitchen, you can book meeting rooms online, make phone calls in one of the Phone Booths, or lock up your fancy road bike in the basement. Also, the lockers are there for you free of charge if you want to leave other valuables in the office.

Also, to keep us all nice and healthy and not be germaphobes, a hospital-grade HEPA filter has been installed to clean the air of all types of viruses, including COVID-19.

Your desk

Although the office is designed as an open space, each:r in the agency has a fixed desk equipped with amazing screens and the tech gear you need.

Mini Meeting Booth

Mini Meeting Booth