Website Relaunch Workshop

Successfully mastering the website relaunch with a user-centered strategy

In our workshops, we develop relaunch concepts that position your website and brand unerringly with the right target group.

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Workshop content at a glance

Status quo

Through targeted interview questions and analysis of the current situation, we form the basis for an effective rebranding and a successful website relaunch.

Buyer Personas

To position your brand perfectly, we create buyer personas and work out the needs of your various target groups.

Brand Identity

Together we develop unique selling points, brand values, brand purpose, brand vision and brand mission.

Relaunch Strategy

A clear project plan organized in sprints structures the relaunch in the areas of content, SEO, design and development.

A website relaunch that wins awards

Our workshop process sets the course for a high-quality and user-centered design. The development of customized website solutions enables us to push technical boundaries and always keep the target group firmly in mind. Our customers are just like their website: demanding.


Website Relaunch Workshops with best ratings and customer feedback

Alexa Le

Kudos to the design agency LAUDO in Berlin! A highly motivated team has been with us for over 8 months and we hope for a long cooperation. We are convinced by the relaxed communication at eye level, the innovative ideas through to implementation and the clear design. If you are looking for a first-class design…

Victoria Mueller

Working with Laudo was very good. Laudo works extremely professionally and was always well prepared, the working atmosphere was constructive and very pleasant. The design suggestions for the website and the logo were great and the website turned out great. I would definitely recommend Laudo.

Nick Haseloff

LAUDO convinced us from the very first moment! The exchange of our ideas always took place on a very pleasant professional level. As a medium-sized craft company, we face a large number of competitors on the market. Claudius and his team managed to work out our values ​​and our specialty and to present them in…

Christian Landenberger

The cooperation with LAUDO was very satisfactory. The coordination of the project ran smoothly and quickly. The communication was pleasant and we are very satisfied with the result. Thank you, highly recommended.

Maximilian Klinger

With the design agency LAUDO we have found a strong partner in the field of WordPress. A very competent team that understood our requirements from the very first minute.

Carsten Schmidt

We have worked with Laudo for our website and have had very good experiences. The work was carried out within the requested time frame and there was a lot of transparent communication. We can recommend LAUDO as a company and will continue to work with you in the future.

Jacob Harz

LAUDO convinced us right from the start with the combination of brand strategy, web design and deep understanding of platform economy. It is the right mixture of strategy, conception and technical know-how that is crucial for a long-term cooperation. And it is the honest interest in us and our problems that distinguishes LAUDO from other…

Christian Hendriksen

LAUDO has been a great partner for our business over the past years, always very responsive and engaged. Output is always top quality.

Alex Romanenko

There’s one thing that separates ordinary agencies from really good ones: the team’s willingness to do a little more for the client or partner than you expected. Is it important? Maybe not for everyone, but for us it was the deciding factor in choosing a partner. We regularly collaborate with guys, share experiences and launch…

Website relaunch workshop Berlin

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Redesigning the digital ecosystem

Coordinated workshop phases that build on each other enable our website relaunch agency to implement complex projects effectively without neglecting the personality of your brand.

Setting and achieving goals

What are your goals?

The website relaunch workshop starts with a precise definition of the objectives and the reasons for the upcoming website relaunch. This forms the starting point for all further considerations. The discussion during the workshop focuses on the reasons for the relaunch: outdated design, lack of user-friendliness (UX), new business objectives.


Target group analysis

User-centered thinking with the Buyer Persona Framework

After defining the objectives, we identify the target groups and analyze their needs. This makes it possible to tailor the website specifically to user requirements. The analysis of current user behavior on the existing website provides valuable insights for targeted improvements in the relaunch process.

Competitor analysis

Identifying opportunities in the market environment

Competitive analysis plays a central role in the website relaunch process as it helps you to understand the environment in which your website will be positioned. Evaluating competitors not only identifies best practices, but also uncovers potential for improvement. This thorough review makes it possible to ensure that your new website is not only up to date, but also competitive and meets the expectations of the target group.


SEO strategy

360° approach with content audit & SEO strategy

The next step in the website relaunch workshop is the content audit. The existing content is subjected to a comprehensive evaluation in order to identify specific content that needs to be retained, updated or newly created. This is how we ensure that your future website meets the needs of your target group and search engines (SEO).

Refresh, Revive, Relaunch

Our iterative work steps make it easy to react to changes during the website relaunch so that your project is a complete success.

From design into reality

A design that inspires

A comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the current design and user experience is carried out on the basis of a clear content strategy. The main objective is to create an improved user-friendliness and an appealing design. At our web design agency, we rely on responsive web design for maximum functionality and user-friendliness. Through this analysis, we ensure that design decisions are in line with the defined goals and requirements of your website.


Digital Ecosystem

Digital foundations with the technical infrastructure

The next step of the website relaunch workshop involves a critical review of the existing technical infrastructure and the identification of necessary upgrades and changes. The analysis focuses on identifying potential technical challenges and finding solutions that are crucial for a successful relaunch.

From zero to SEO

In pole position with our SEO strategy

The development of a holistic SEO strategy is a key component of the website relaunch workshop. The SEO strategy is developed in parallel with the technical analysis to ensure that the new website is optimally listed in search engines. Our SEO strategy includes keyword research, optimization of meta tags and other SEO relevant elements. The aim is to establish a sustainable online presence for your new website with high visibility.


Effective, efficient, successful

Optimized budget & resource planning

After careful consideration of the content and technical aspects, the next step is to precisely define the budget and identify all the necessary resources. This includes a clear definition of the financial framework for the entire website relaunch process as well as the precise identification of resources required for a successful implementation. In addition to personnel, the required tools and technologies are also taken into account here.

Project planning in sprints

Successful time management

Part of the website relaunch workshop is to create a precise schedule for the entire relaunch process with a clear budget and defined resources. This includes milestones and clear time frames for each phase of the project. The systematic definition enables efficient control and transparent monitoring of progress and thus creates a solid basis for a successful relaunch.


Quality assurance

Right before the Go-Live

The final phase of the website relaunch workshop includes the precise planning of test procedures and quality assurance. Our aim is to ensure that the new website works flawlessly before it is published. Clear testing procedures and the identification of potential errors ensure a smooth transition to the new website.

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Clients who value collaboration at eye level

Rebranding agency vs. relaunch agency

Rebranding agencies or relaunch agencies specialize in supporting the repositioning of a brand or the revision of an existing brand identity. The term "rebranding" refers to the process of changing a company name, logo or design, while "relaunch" refers more to updating and redesigning a website.

Digital facelift: What is a website relaunch workshop?

A website relaunch workshop or brand workshop helps to develop a new brand or to develop or rethink an existing one. This process is fundamentally about self-reflection, in which the values, core, purpose, USP and appearance of a brand are identified. The overarching goal of the rebranding workshops is to create a clear brand identity that differentiates the company from its competitors.

Innovative approaches: Why does a website relaunch workshop make sense?

The core of every brand is its identity. This goes hand in hand with the personality, how stakeholders identify with your brand and how you differentiate yourself from other competitors. This central question is explored in relaunch or rebranding workshops. The process enables comprehensive preparation, planning and coordination of all relevant aspects, which significantly increases the relaunch project's chances of success.


What is developed in a website relaunch workshop?

In a website relaunch workshop, various aspects are developed in order to define a clear direction for the redesign process. In addition to the clear formulation of objectives, target group and competitor analyses, this also includes SEO strategy, design and project planning. Website relaunch workshops also provide a clear roadmap with precise project phases and their implementation.

Who takes part in a website relaunch workshop?

A diverse team constellation offers different perspectives, with different expertise and responsibilities. This provides an ideal basis for critical self-reflection. Of course, the composition can vary depending on the brand and project, but it is advisable to put together a professionally, hierarchically and personally heterogeneous group.


What methods are used in a website relaunch workshop?

We used several effective methods in website relaunch workshops. Three examples are:

  • A SWOT analysis shows internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats
  • Brainstorming generates creative ideas for design & functions
  • Detailed personas help to understand the needs and preferences of your users

The combination of these and other methods creates a solid basis for a strategic and user-centered website relaunch in the course of the rebranding workshop.


Our impact for your brand

By working with our rebranding agency, you benefit from expertise and experience in dealing with the rebranding or relaunch of various brands and websites. LAUDO offers not only an objective external perspective, but also a complete solution from a single source. From the choice of strategy, design and marketing elements to the maintenance and long-term support of your brand. The collaboration promises not only successful branding, but also long-term partnerships for the ongoing development of your brand.