01 Challenge

The problem with classic career events is that the wrong talents talk to the wrong recruiters, and events often only take place on site.

So how do you design career events that are a success even before they start? How do you avoid dry and formal interviews that are not very promising? And how do you create a personal and authentic meeting in a digital platform?


02 Solution

From the original idea of a digital extension of career events, an entire platform has emerged that enables Tinder-style matches between companies and talent.

Talents and companies can create accounts and fill in attributes there, such as education level, studies, strengths or job descriptions. Then they swipe, match and exchange information via text or video. Long application processes are a thing of the past thanks to this innovative concept.

Since 2018, Talentefinder has been continuously evolving in form and function to serve the needs of the ever-growing community. With thousands of registered recruiters and more than 35,000 talents, Talentefinder has become the #1 matchmaking platform for recruiting in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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The recruiting platform is now an integral part of career events. And it goes far beyond its original idea:

Because nowadays, not only every renowned university, college and chamber of commerce and industry has already worked with Talentefinder. Thousands of companies now also use features such as the specially developed job platform for their recruiting - completely independently of career events.

The resounding success and high acceptance of the product meant that our team had to found a new company. This created an ecosystem with its own teams in the areas of Product and Sales, working completely independently of LAUDO.

And what's next? Since 2022, Talentefinder has expanded the market to the rest of Europe, bringing the successful concept to France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom or Scandinavia.