New name, brand new branding: with Viivi, Berlin-based real estate company Harz Development is embarking on a transformative journey to disrupt the real estate market and open the door to home ownership for young families.

With a concise name, we were able to give the starting signal for an iconic brand DNA: Viivi (from vivere = to live) points directly to the company's focus: living together. Owning your own home. An identity that is also reflected in the logo: the three distinctive iii dots stand for families aka parents and children. The Viivi idea has given rise to an authentic brand that captivates with its organic and lively look, hand in hand with its design and visual language. The fresh colors and eye-catching typography are clearly aimed at a young, technology-savvy target group.

The new branding paves the way for new digital touchpoints: the website serves as a central hub for a successful digital eco system. The website's modular design system enables unlimited content expansion and a large organic reach. And an integrated web app provides the necessary platform economy enabling the purchase and sale of real estate.

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Jacob and Felix inspired us from day 1 with their deep understanding of platform economies. Their trust in our work is reflected in the unique brand design. We would like to thank for the trust and are proud to have received the German Design Award for the best website and brand design.