01 Challenge

Rensair had actually developed their highly specialized and patented air filters for Scandinavian hospitals. But in times of pandemic, the Q01B air filter suddenly became a saving grace on an international scale:

Retirement homes, gyms, hairdressers, restaurants, schools, dentists and many other industries around the globe decided to use clean air - made by Rensair. Because in addition to pollen and bacteria, 99.97% of coronaviruses are filtered and destroyed.

RENSAIR Filter Close-up 1920x1080

Rensair's problem was a B2B oriented market model, different websites for the US and Europe regions, no eCommerce interface for B2C relations, and the need to rapidly expand product lines with IoT connectivity.

02 Solution

The eCommerce problem has found two elegant solutions: First, Shopify was integrated into WordPress, which greatly simplifies the sale of products and accessories, as well as worldwide shipping. On the other hand, Salesforce as CRM ensures a close relationship between Rensair and its customers. So much so that the conversion rate has increased to a whopping 15%.

With WordPress Multisites, we supply content to Rensair's various websites and clearly delineate countries where eCommerce is offered. Depending on the region, customers are automatically redirected to the appropriate country website.

To bring everything together seamlessly, we have unified the different brand identities that were originally developed separately for Europe and the US. This merger prepares Rensair's digital presence for the global market.

02 Solution

More beautiful icons that adapt their shape and edge to a revised and much refined typography. And a soft color palette that walks the line between warmth and sterility. Rensair can also definitely be seen in terms of SEO with 100 out of 100 points on Google Lighthouse.

Rensair not only wins over thousands of businesses and customers worldwide, but also raises $7 million in a Series A financing round in 2022.

03 Feedback

"LAUDO has been a great partner for our business over the past years, always very responsive and engaged. Output is always top quality."

Christian Hendriksen
CEO, Rensair